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Guitar Chords: Tum Ho Toh, Rock On

Rock On released this friday and to everybody’s expectations, the movie rocked the box office. Though the storyline was as obvious as the lyrics of most of the songs, the beauty of this movie was its directness and its simplicity. It managed to touch my heart more than once and then some more. The dialogues of the movie were a fresh breath of air. Oh but I am not here to review the movie!!
I admit I wasn’t excited by the songs during the music release. The lyrics seemed too amusing than amazing. But after seeing the movie and through my lovely friend’s persistence that the songs are good, I ended up enjoying more than I had imagined!
This song can be played on acoustic guitar very well as Arjun Rampal playes it in the movie. (At least he managed to learn the basic chord structures on the guitar!). Farhan Akhtar’s voice is raw but very soothing to the ears.
You can pluck the strings of the chords at the start and later strum the chords. The following strumming pattern can be used: | D- | -D | DUDU |

The song uses basic chords so even if you have just learned chords, you can play this song comfortably. Cmaj, Amin, Dmin, Gmaj, Fmaj
Tum Ho (C)Toh… Gaata Hai (C)Dil,
Tum Na(Dm)hi… Toh Geet Ka(G)ha…
Tum Ho (C)Toh… Hai Sab Haa(C)sil,
Tum Na(Dm)hi… Toh Kya Hai Ya(G)ha…
(Bb)Tum Ho Toh (Am)Hai,
Sap(Bm)no Ke Jaisa Ha(Em)sin
(F)Ek Sa(C)maa…
Jo (G)Tum Ho Toh, Yeh (E)Lagta Hai,
Ke (Am)Mil Gayi, (F)Har Khushi…
Jo (G)Tum Na Ho, Yeh (E)Lagta Hai,
Ke (Am)Har Khushi, Me (F)Hai Kami…
(G)Tum Ko Hai Maanga(G)ti…
Ye Jinda(C)giiii (Am) iiiii (F) iiii…(C)
(Gm)Woh ho… (A#)Woh ho… (C)Woh ho ho… ho ho…
Tum Ho (C)Toh… Raahein Bhi (C)Hai,
Tum Na(Dm)hi… Toh Raste Ka(G)ha…
Tum Ho (C)Toh… Yahaan Sab Hi (C)Hai,
Tum Na(Dm)hi.. Toh Kaun Ya(G)haa…
(Bb)Tum Ho Toh (Am)Hai,
Har (Bm)Ek Pal Meher(Em)ban
(F)Ye Ja(C)haaa…
Jo (G)Tum Ho Toh, Ha(E)wa Mein Bhi…
Mo(Am)habbato… Ka (F)Rang Hai
Jo (G)Tum Na Ho, Toh (E)Phir Koyi…
Na (Am)Josh Na… U(F)mang Hai…
(G)Tum Mile Toh Mi(G)li
Yeh Jinda(C)giiii (Am) iiiii (F) iiii… (C)
(Gm)Woh ho… (A#)Woh ho… (C)Woh ho ho… ho ho… x2


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