Good News for Guitar Artists

Dear Guitar Artists/Fan Hindi Guitar Chords now open for all any body can post their chords (subject to accuracy/screening) on our blog......... and contribute to the world of music lovers and guitar players in 3 easy steps... Picture of the Sender will be posted on the end of the Post.....!!!


1. Write you Chords on MS Word format.
2. Mail the file to as attachment.
3. Name, Singer, Movie/Album should be written as heading in the file.

and last but not least, do not forget to paste your pic(if you would like to show your pic at the end of the post)

thats it guys!!

we are continuously working on the improvement of this blog, hope you would like it.....................your precious comments will appreciate us!!! so please comment on the posts......!!!

Rangeela Re

F#m E F#m
Rangeela re, hey rangeela
F#m Bm
Rangeela re tere rang mein yun ranga hai mera mun
Chhaliya re na bujhe hai kisi jal se yeh jalan Ho
Ho, rangeela re

F#m Bm E
Palkon ke jhoole se sapnon ki dori
Bm F#m
Pyaar ne baandhi jo tune voh todi
F#m Bm
Khel yeh kaisa re, kaisa re saathi
Diya to jhoome hain, roye hain baati
Kahin bhi jaaye re, roye ya gaaye re
Chain na paaye re hiyaa
Bm F#m
Waah re pyaar, waah re waah

Dukh mera dulha hai, birha hai doli
Aansu ke saari hai, aahon ki choli
Aag main piyoon re jaise ho paani
Naari deewaani hoon peeda ki rani
Manwa yeh jale hai, jag saara chhale hai
Saans kyoon chale hai piya
Waah re pyaar, waah re waah

Rangeela rangeela (F#m, Bm, F#m)

Maine to seenchi re teri yeh raahein
Baahon mein teri kyoon auron ki baahein
Kaise tu bhoola voh phoolon si raatein
Samjhe jab aankhon ne aankhon ki baatein
Gaaon ghar chhoota re, sapna har toota re
Phir bhi tu rootha re piya
Waah re pyaar, waah re waah


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