Good News for Guitar Artists

Dear Guitar Artists/Fan Hindi Guitar Chords now open for all any body can post their chords (subject to accuracy/screening) on our blog......... and contribute to the world of music lovers and guitar players in 3 easy steps... Picture of the Sender will be posted on the end of the Post.....!!!


1. Write you Chords on MS Word format.
2. Mail the file to as attachment.
3. Name, Singer, Movie/Album should be written as heading in the file.

and last but not least, do not forget to paste your pic(if you would like to show your pic at the end of the post)

thats it guys!!

we are continuously working on the improvement of this blog, hope you would like it.....................your precious comments will appreciate us!!! so please comment on the posts......!!!

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

C Cmaj7
tum paas aa'e, yuu.n muskaraa'e

Dm G
tum ne na jaane kya, sapane dikhaa'e

C Am C Am
ab to mera dil, jaage na sota hai

Dm G
kya karuu.n haa'e, kuchh kuchh hota hai

C F Dm G
na jaane kaisa ahasaas hai

C F Dm G
bujhatii nahii.n hai, kya pyaas hai

kya nasha is pyaar ka

mujhape sanam, chhaane laga

C Am C Am
koii na jaane, kyo.n chain khota hai

Dm G C
kya karuu.n haa'e, kuchh kuchh hota hai


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